Welcome to my life on the web.  A place to learn a little bit about me, read about day-to-day life via my blog, and relive recent and distant memories in the complete photo archives. 

The blog (Finejulery) is a hodgepodge of thoughts and opinions, amusing anecdotes, and random happenings that I don’t want to forget.   While it often includes a few snapshots, if you’re wanting photos, check out My Albums.

Photos are sorted by year.   This site features major (and not-so-major) events beginning in 2003, and is updated throughout the year to stay relatively up to date.    The photos are compressed when posted.   If you would like a high-quality full size photo, please email photos [at] finejules [dot] com so that I can email you a better copy.  Please include the year, album name, and caption(s) of the photos.  I am happy to share!



Howdy!   I’m glad  you stopped by.  Whether you are checking out the blog for the first time, or a repeat visitor looking for the newest family photos, grab your favorite beverage, sink into a comfy chair, and enjoy!